Thursday, January 29, 2009

Heading home from Martha's Vineyard

It has been a wonderful week of sea, solitude, and sleep - such a
blessing! Feel very thankful this morning to the Hornblower family for
their kindness and to Cheri and my girls for helping make this happen.

The highlights are many, here are a few:

Walking on beach with Emma
Meeting Cheri and Ella at the ferry
Lunch with Edie Radley
Church together at St Andrew's
Teaching Emma Gin Rummy
Phone chat with Roberto in Austin
Long walk with Bebe to sand dunes
Starting my first ever blog
Experiencing island life in new way

Looking forward to a nice lunch with Chris Epperson in Providence
today and then the ride home.

I miss Cheri and the girls.
God is very good to me!

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